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The Future of Travel

Turpal is a post-departure SAAS Solution with affordable technology and quality connectivity tools that facilitates access to live inventory for the operators while providing them with an effective platform to communicate with travelers.

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You can own shares in Turpal from as little as $500

Exclusive benefits will be available to early adopters who pre-register their interest in investing


How it works

Once a reservation is complete, the operator connects the traveler to their Turpal application in order to share live updates and other details of their itinerary such as flight, accommodation, transportation as well as any excursion or services that they pre-processed.

All communication with the traveler is through the Turpal app. Through this smart app, travelers get access to personalized recommendations with the ability to book on spot, resulting in a superior experience for the traveler translating into sales growth for the operator.

Key Features

Mobile Application

Turpal App Powered by analytics and consumer intelligence maximizes selling opportunities to the customer (up to 5x) while establishing a secure channel for the passenger to view their itinerary, get access to live updates and interact with the service provider in real-time. 

Operation Panel

Operation Panel equipped with an importer engine allows the service provider to build itineraries, manage the travel journey, and enable communication with the passengers through the app. Real-time information on accommodation, trip itinerary, and other details such as pick-up time, location, and details of service provider, as well as any changes, are communicated through in-app notifications.

Product Panel

Service Providers upload their products and services, and source the same from other suppliers. Product Panel allows service providers to define different types of availability and markup for each product, and give clients access to book them.

Why Invest?

The tours, Activities & Attractions sector is the 3rd largest and fastest-growing segment in the tourism industry.

The global market size for tours and activities is $254B (2019).

Turpal’s SaaS solution as a pay-as-you-go alternative at affordable prices provides enabling technology for operators to increase their sales while reducing their costs. By connecting operators to the channel Turpal achieves its vision of becoming the most comprehensive distribution channel of tours, activities & Attractions in the world. 

17 years of experience as a travel operator and industry knowledge have enabled us to identify the most profitable and fastest-growing segment of the industry.

Our low operating cost allows us to channel investments into excelling our technology and onboarding the top talents.

We have strategic partnership with key operators in our addressable market.

Key Achievements

Key operators in the UAE have adopted Turpal, enabled some clients to raise their sales of tours and activities up to five times, and enhanced the experience of over 5000 passengers who have used Turpal during the first 6 months.


Deployed $300K, Developed MVP

Attended Arabian Travel Market trade fair, 250 enquirers, API suppliers integrated, reached $280KGMV, 7 additional clients onboarded, Won peoples award on Hitec renowned hospitality fair

Released MVP, Integration with Ddholidays, Website launched, Further $400K investment

Turpal App published in Apple and Google store, UAE soft launch  

Deployed $300K, Turpal Connect launched, Onboarded few key clients, some of which have over 200k passengers, Customer success manager built 

Use of Funds




Hiring sales agents to support our expansion in new markets

Ramp up technology: 

Integration with key suppliers in multiple destinations 

Integrate Machine Learning to create a smart recommendation engine that understands traveler’s behavior and offers tailored experiences

Broad marketing initiatives

The Team

Farshid Rahimkhani and Poorya Montaseri


Farshid has 17 years of experience as the CEO of Dreamdays which holds the largest collection of Tours, Activities and Experiences in the UAE. Setting up and managing the largest collection of Activities and Experiences in the UAE he became an industry expert. Working alongside various suppliers and ITO's allowed him to find the needs and gaps in the tours and activities industry. Gulf News Business featured Farshid in 2010 as someone who is "making money out of gifts". 

Poorya is the Co-founder & Business Strategist at LINKVIVA, an award-winning agency, specializing in Events and Brand Activations. Pourya has more than 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in event management and customer relations. Received 10s of awards and accolades for business excellence including SME Top 100 Companies in Dubai, Ranked #39th against 4500 nominated businesses 

Sadjad Fallah


CTO: Sadjad Fallah is an award-winning multi-discipline startup co-founder. He has more than 10 years of tech experience, following a bachelor’s degree in software engineering and a master's in computer science.

During his career, he has taken on the role of an executive in charge of various organizations' technological needs, creating processes for internal operations, developing solutions adapted by individual and government authorities, and leading technical teams. He has also worked on personal projects such as an online search tool, image processing software, and game and app development, among other

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[i] You can own shares in Turpal from as little as $500

[ii] Exclusive benefits will be available to early adopterswho pre-register their interest in investing

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