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Where fashion meets sustainability

Only Ethikal is a market place making sustainable fashion easily accessible and convenient to shop for everyone from anywhere. 

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You can own shares in Only Ethikal from as little as USD$500
Exclusive benefits will be available to early adopters who pre-register their interest in investing




Only Ethikal is a pioneering company in the sustainable fashion industry based in Dubai, UAE. Founded in April 2019, we are dedicated to bringing our customers the best selection of sustainable brands and products worldwide. We identify, verify, and curate a wide range of sustainable brands, ensuring that everything on our marketplace is made from a quality, sustainable materials such as organic cotton, hemp, linen, and recycled or upcycled fabric waste. With over 45 brands and 4,000 products to choose from, there is something for everyone on our website. Our customers hail from around the globe, with a strong interest in sustainable fashion from the GCC region. As a company, we are committed to ethical practices and sustainability. Our commitment to positively impacting the world is exemplified through our partnership with 1% for the planet. Since 2020, we have been certified for contributing to important causes, working towards a brighter and more sustainable future for all. We continue beyond the products we sell, Only Ethikal is also dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and has partnered with DHL to calculate and offset the carbon emissions generated from shipping orders to customers. With a focus on sustainability, ethics, and growth, we are proud to be a leading player in the sustainable fashion industry in the region. We are committed to sustainably bringing you the best.


We have created a new market for sustainable fashion, making it more accessible and honest.

Market Entry

Online Expansion

In-house Team

Support Office In India

• 7 Brands• Events and Markets• UAE• Team - 1

• 15 Brands• Offline and Online• KSA & Kuwait• Team - 1• 1% for the Planet Member• Plastic-free packaging

• 30+ Brands• Online• Qatar• Team - 3• New Category- Kids

• 50+ Brands• Capsule Collection• Office in India• Team - 5• New categories- Clean Beauty- Menswear




No.of orders

Our model is lean on inventory and assets. This has enabled us to grow by investing in marketing and improving customer experience. 

We have competitive commissions with our brand partners. The business is already revenue generating and consistently growing since inception. 

We have set up an eco system to successfully receive and fulfil orders. Till date we have delivered 5,000+ products orders with AOV of 300 $

5,000+ Products sold till date


YOY GMV Growth of 25% and 500% growth since 2019.

Fulfilled 2,000+ orders with 5,000+ products

Reducing Customer Aquisition cost

 Increasing Repeat customers

Increase in Average monthly visitors by 100%




Marketing and Communication - Invest in new channels of marketing to reach larger audience in the region.  

Tech - Invest in technology to improve customer experience and integrate Arabic language.



Product portfolio- Expand the curation with newer products and categories. 

Team- To hire talents in house, responsible for creating and implementing growth strategies.


Deepthi Chandran JoyauFounder

With over 13 years of experience managing corporate finance in the UAE, Deepthi has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the business world.

Born and raised in Dubai with Indian roots, Deepthi transitioned from a successful corporate career to entrepreneurship in 2018. Her passion for sustainability and fashion led her to create Only Ethikal, a marketplace exclusively for sustainable brands.

Mahika GargContent Creator

Muskaan GuptaOperations Incharge

Raheel MushtaqMarketing

Paras AroraStrategic Advisor

Muskaan has played a crucial role in the operations of our company for the past 2 years.

With a focus on efficiency and effectiveness, Muskaan plays a crucial role in ensuring that Only Ethikal runs smoothly and meets the needs of our customers. From managing logistics and fulfilment to overseeing customer service, Muskaan is an asset to the Only Ethikal team.

Mahika is responsible for managing all things related to the content at the company,

With a passion for content creation, Mahika plays a crucial role in ensuring that Only Ethikal's online presence is engaging, informative, and professional. From crafting compelling social media posts to writing website copy that reflects the company's values and mission, Mahika is dedicated to bringing the best in content to our customers.

Raheel has over 12 years of experience in Digital Marketing, having previously served as the Head of Digital at The Giving Movement.

With extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, Raheel drives Only Ethikal's marketing efforts forward. From developing and implementing effective marketing strategies to managing social media and other digital channels, Raheel plays a vital role in helping the company reach its goals.

Paras, Co-Founder of Doodlage India and a serial entrepreneur in sustainable development, brings years of experience to the company as well as its customers. The unwavering dedication ensures the progress and success for the company.

With a passion for sustainability and a deep understanding of the fashion industry, Paras helps the company navigate the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly evolving sustainable fashion landscape.

*Click here for Eureeca's Investor Terms of Business

Pre-Register to invest

Fill in your details to pre-register for early access to our upcoming equity crowdfunding round. Please note: This is not a financial commitment at this stage.

You can own shares in Only Ethikal from as little as $500

Exclusive benefits will be available to early adopterswho pre-register their interest in investing

If you are looking to raise funds, please register via

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