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Nooboo Organic Bamboo Clothing Stylish, luxurious, soft and sustainable.

[i] You can own shares in Nooboo from as little as $500

[ii] Exclusive benefits will be available to early adopters who pre-register their interest in investing

We’re on a mission to leave the world cooler, cleaner and fairer than we found it. That's why we craft biodegradable t-shirts and singlets that make you look and feel great.

Made from bamboo, all of our fibers are sustainably grown on plantations owned and run by local communities in Bali and Portugal. 

For each Nooboo piece sold, we plant one tree in our sustainable Nooboo Bamboo Forest in Indonesia.

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Our plantations are owned and run by locals. That’s how we contribute to the development of sustainable communities in Bali and Portugal.

From our partners on the plantations to the people who do the stitching and coloring: we pay fair salaries throughout our supply chain.

Explore the world leaving no trace. Nooboo 100% bamboo basics are 100% biodegradable. 

Go natural, all the way. At least, we did—even with our dyes. The coloring takes up to two weeks and but hey! It looks and feels so good.

Nooboo bamboo is not only bursting with natural goodness, it is extremely durable too. It simply lasts longer and always remains in style. 

For every Nooboo piece sold, we plant one tree in our sustainable Nooboo Bamboo Forest in Ubud, Indonesia. 

Bamboo grows up to one millimeter per minute and once it’s chopped down, it simply regrows. This is why bamboo plantations use only a little soil. 

Take a breath of fresh air. Bamboo generates more oxygen and removes more carbon dioxide from the air than trees. 

Thanks to bamboo’s sustainable nature, we are saving 3,500 liters of water per shirt. That’s the same as having 100 showers, without missing one.

Who needs fertilizers? Nooboo bamboo gets all of its nutrients and energy from the soil.

Nooboo bamboo is naturally resistant against pests. All it needs to grow is water and a daily dose of tender loving care.

Why Invest?

  • 100% natural bamboo clothing. 
  • Mix of sustainable and luxury items to treat yourself or partner. 
  • Affordable and feel-good clothing with increasing demand and high number of repeat orders. 
  • High-margin product with currently a low % of returns. 
  • Suitable for Amazon USA and other high performing online sales channels.

Nooboo differentiates as a more luxury bamboo clothing brand with a focus on design, story (for every t-shirt sold a bamboo tree is planted) and fun (positive & tropical vibes) from two trendsetting locations Amsterdam and Bali. 

Key Achievements

Nooboo has been growing with a rate of 450% per year! 

Wholesale orders from the USA.

Two successful Kickstarter campaigns. 

Webshop monthly turnover x10 since first year.

Highest sales in one day: +8700 EUR.

New campaign in Japan. 

Use of Funds

Marketing - 30% Crowdfunding / Facebook Ads / Google Ads

IT - 5% Customized features websites & + out-roll new countries in Western-Europe

Stock - 25% Amazon USA pre-packed in Indonesia and stores for next-day-delivery with Amazon

Personnel - 10% Design + Advertising Experts

Content - 10% Shoots + Video

Distribution - 7% Warehousing

License - 3% Nooboo already registered in 22 countries (EU)

Embroidery equipment - 10% Increase wholesale orders & collabs 

Nooboo Team

Video Director


Amar de Winter

David de Winter


Ted Mooyman


Kirsty McKie

Senior Designer

Frank Toonen


Roos Smit


Ellen Huizenga


Frank August

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[i] You can own shares in Nooboo from as little as $500

Fill in your details to pre-register for early access to our upcoming equity crowdfunding round. Please note: This is not a financial commitment at this stage.

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[ii] Exclusive benefits will be available to early adopters

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