The first IoT solution for automotive preventive maintenance.

Car Owner : Have your car connected & drive it worry Free with the opportunity to have it serviced/repaired at your doorstep. 
Workshops : Connect your customers to your workshop and manage everything customer related from one platform. Become more efficient, get loyal customers, and grow your business' revenue.  

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With our state-of-the-art IoT device, we provide a SAAS solution for workshops that enables them to increase their revenues, customer satisfaction, loyalty, and efficiency by connecting them to their customer’s cars and providing them the needed support. 

We also offer car owners the opportunity to stay connected to their cars continuously and updated about its health status. We provide them with real-time data on what needs their attention and what needs to be repaired ahead of time by connecting them to their authorized workshop, thus offering them the opportunity to drive worry-free. 

Our users will also have the option to book and order any type of service, accessories, car detailing, or car wash at their doorstep. 

Our ultimate goal is to save lives by reducing/eliminating

vehicle accidents.


We are the first IoT & SaaS solution in the MENA region offering predictive car maintenance for users and an innovative solution for workshops connecting them to their clients. Please refer to figure 1 below on how our solution increased workshop revenue by 108% 

Huge unsaturated market with the agency workshops not tapped yet. 

85% of users leave agency workshops after their car warranty expires; car importers are ready to spend on our solution to grow their revenue, keep their clients loyal, and become more efficient by serving more vehicles with the same structure. 

Jino car connectivity disrupts the aftermarket industry by bringing immense added value to car owners and workshop owners, thus making it an absolute necessity. 

Recurring revenue business model based on yearly subscriptions 

We are looking for a minimum 15x ROI with 230 x revenue growth by the end of 2026 

The investment will be in Jino holding, including the entire MENA market where the expansion is planned. 

Opportunity to invest at a low entry barrier before growing regionally. 

Our silent partners and team members come from an IT consultancy background, “big four,” Procter & Gamble, and Tech Startups and are automotive consultants’ experts in the MENA with C-level connections with all importers and dealers.

We are environmentally and socially responsible - Our solution contributes to reducing our carbon footprint. 

How we helped workshops grow their revenues in different parts of the world

Our state-of-the-art solution helped car importers’ workshop increase their revenue by 108%. 15% within the first three years, 36% from the 4th till the 7th year and 57% after the 8th year of ownership.


Jino generated $500K in revenue only from the doorstep car wash and oil services since its launch in 2019 

Jino recorded a 400% annual growth between 2021 and 2022 

Access to 50,000 cars thanks to signed contracts in 2022 to service the fleet of Multinational and Local car rental companies. 

Newly revamped app launched in 2022 

We saved 8,466,750 Liters of water in 2022 with our waterless car wash.

Raised 500,000 $ in 2021 from Brakket Invest 

13,000 Users on Jino App 

Certified Total Energies Business Partner and featured in their Innovation awards. 


Tech Team







Bechara is a successful leader in building and growing startups. He formerly launched and built Zomato and made it the number-one food delivery app, before joining another startup in the food industry, Toters. Previously Bechara worked as a Regional Brand Manager for Procter & Gamble Levant. He graduated with Honors from ESCP Europe with an Executive MBA with a focus on Innovation.

K T is a computer science graduate from AUB (American University of Beirut) and has been in the tech industry in the Gulf for the last 20 years. He launched a tech company ten years ago and sold it to a big four in 2020. He is now a partner there and is helping the growth of Jino through his extensive tech knowledge along with his connections in the automotive industry in the region. (For confidentiality reasons with KT's position, we can't at this stage reveal his name and picture)

U Z has more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry in the MENA. He is an expert in digital transformation in this industry and a specialist in Tech & implementation within the same industry. U Z has extensive knowledge in the automotive industry in the region with solid C level connections with leading car importers and is playing a significant role in introducing our connectivity solution. (For confidentiality reasons with UZ's position we can't at this stage reveal his name and pictures)

Pre-Register to invest

Fill in your details to pre-register for early access to our upcoming equity crowdfunding round. Please note: This is not a financial commitment at this stage.

[i] You can own shares in Jino from as little as $500

[ii] Exclusive benefits will be available to early adopterswho pre-register their interest in investing

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