Enerwhere is currently gauging the interest of potential investors in participating in a capital raising round through the global equity crowdfunding platform Eureeca.

Save money with cleaner energy. Choose  Enerwhere.

Enerwhere sells solar as a service to commercial and industrial entities just like a utility company. This is a world's first!

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Enerwhere is currently gauging the interest of potential investors in participating in a capital raising round through the global equity crowdfunding platform Eureeca. This form is designed to measure the levels of interest in the round and involves no financial obligation or commitment of any kind. Interested parties will be sent further details about the round shortly.

What We Do

Enerwhere is the world's first distributed solar utility company, based in Dubai. What does distributed mean? We generate cleaner energy exactly where it is needed i.e. on your roof or next to your business. We have two highly profitable business models:

Energy Sales

Commercial and Industrial clients that previously used expensive and dirty diesel generators can save money with our cleaner and more reliable energy solutions. Because our systems are fully transportable and can be set up in days, we are the only company world-wide able to provide MW-scale temporary solar power on the basis of short-term power purchase agreements (PPAs). Enerwhere’s inhouse data analytics platform ensures that at every stage from design to operations, Enerwhere optimizes the business’s energy solution.

Enerwhere’s temporary solar – battery - hybrid power is cheaper and cleaner than the conventional (diesel-only) alternative. In a typical camp application, we save 30-50% of the diesel fuel consumption, and can offer financial savings of up to 20%, on contracts as short as 6 months.

Solar System Sales

For Commercial and Industrial customers that are grid connected, Enerwhere is the leading contractor in Dubai for solar rooftop solutions In Dubai, businesses are seeing their solar systems pay back in under 5 years and thereafter, they receive free energy from their systems for over 20 years. Our engineering team has analyzed dozens of commercial and industrial rooftops in the UAE, and has all the right expertise to execute any project time and on budget. Enerwhere is among the first solar companies in Dubai certified by DEWA to carry out solar system installation under the Shams Dubai initiative.

Apart from offering clients significant financial savings, Enerwhere's systems reduce CO2 and particulate emissions and promote sustainable development in frontier markets.

The Opportunity

In 2017, Enerwhere raised more than US$1million in equity crowdfunding through Eureeca, which resulted in further growth of the company and projects. After an overwhelmingly positive investor experience in 2018, Enerwhere is raising again on Eureeca to ensure that individual investors and not just institutional investors can benefit from its growth.

Key statistics about Enerwhere:

i. World’s first and leading distributed solar utility – we sell electricity as a service
ii. Providing power to commercial and industrial customers without (stable) grid connection
iii. Founded in 2012 in Dubai, ~85 employees
iv. Only company worldwide able to deploy MW-scale temporary solar power plants within weeks
v. Certified Contractor under DEWA’s Shams Dubai Initiative with the largest pipeline of all contractors in Dubai
vi. First solar company to substitute manual labor with robotic cleaning in the UAE

Key Achievements Since 2017
Use of Funds
  1. The Energy Sales business requires significant capital investment in solar equipment, battery storage, AC & remote monitoring equipment. To maximize revenues & minimize fuel spend, management is planning to invest 60% of the funds in assets. The investment will be deployed quickly into existing contracts and near term pipeline.
  2. Enerwhere also wants to develop intellectual property and patent the technology to remain the leading solar utility company in the MENA region.
The Team
0 Daniel_Zywietz.jpg

Daniel Zywietz (Founder and CEO)

Daniel has over a decade of experience in management consulting, banking and entrepreneurship in Europe and the Middle East, with a focus on utilities, renewable energy & energy efficiency.

Prior to founding Enerwhere, Daniel held roles at Ambata Capital, Booz & Company, A.T. Kearney and DEG (KfW Group).

Aiming to promote the growth of the clean energy industry in the Middle East, Daniel is a regular public speaker on renewable energy topics, and serves on the board of the MENA Clean Energy Business Council.

Daniel holds a Master’s degree in International Business from Maastricht University, The Netherlands, and is the co-author of several studies on the potential for renewable energy in Europe and the Middle East.


0 Stefan_Munckstein.jpg

Stefan Mückstein (Chief Operating Officer)

Stefan has 20+ years of strategy and operations experience. He manages and increases the efficiency of Enerwhere’s operations such as HR, Finance and IT. He significantly contributes to long-term planning and managing of client relationships.

He previously held senior roles at Accenture, Dubai Economic Council, OC&C Strategy Consultants, and Deloitte Consulting, where he successfully operated large scale projects with senior level clients to set direction, resolve issues and create value.

Stefan holds an MBA from Kellog School of Management, Northwestern University, USA.

1 Alice_Cowman-270x270.jpg

Alice Cowman (Strategic Finance Director)

Alice has worked as a renewable energy consultant in the Middle East and West Africa regions for over 6 years for organisations such as IFC and Adam Smith International.

Prior to working at Enerwhere, Alice worked on improving the prospects for renewables in the Middle East as the CEO of the MENA Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC).

Trained as a project finance lawyer at McCann Fitzgerald in Ireland, she holds a Masters Degree in Climate Change and Energy from Columbia University, where she was awarded a fellowship and Fulbright scholarship for energy and environment.

5 Hassan_Shamma.jpg

Hassan Shamma (Head - Data Analytics / R&D)

Hassan has nearly a decade of hands-on experience in business operations, production planning, procurement, and the management of multiple-million USD budgets. Past work has included environmental management consulting in the UK SME sector & techno-economic evaluations of novel water and power production technologies in MENA.

Hassan holds a MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering & Entrepreneurship from the University of Nottingham in the UK.

3 Feras_Shadid.jpg

Feras Shadid (Head - Off-grid division)

Feras currently leads the off-grid team at Enerwhere. Before joining Enerwhere, he served clients in the Middle East & Africa as an ESG advisor on sustainability, social responsible investments and stakeholder engagement covering UN PRI, IR, SASB, GRI, CDP and OECD standards.

Feras holds a Bachelor’s degree in Power & Energy Engineering from PSUT in Amman, Jordan and received a business diploma from Kelley School of Business, Indiana. Feras is also an Alumni of the AMENDS program at Stanford University.

4 Gorkem_Soyumer.jpg

Görkem Soyumer (Head - Distributed Generation)

Görkem leads Enerwhere’s effort in the commercial and industrial scale distributed generation market in the Middle East. In addition to his experience in the production of solar PV devices, he built one of the first commercial-scale solar-battery mini grids in the Middle East in Ras Al Khaima.

Görkem holds a MSc in Energy Management and Sustainability from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland.


Shanker Mohanan (Country Director - Nigeria)

Shanker is the head of Enerwhere`s Nigeria office. He brings to Enerwhere, proven technical and managerial skills to maximize client value.

Shanker delivers projects from beginning-to-end, from the financing structure to contract negotiations to efficient project execution to prompt commissioning.

Shanker holds a MSc in Power Engineering from Technical University of Munich in Germany.