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We Transform Waste into Value

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Deko Eko is an innovative upcycling platform which is completely changing the way of thinking about waste. We cooperate with the best designers from all over the world to create well designed consumer products out of carefully selected waste materials from global companies.

Key Features

1. All-in-one solution: waste analysis, smart matching, prototyping, manufacturing and ready products sold via our platform.

2. Cutting-edge technology: machine learning for smart matching finds the best fit between designers and clients based on materials, location, impact, footprint.

3. 3-D model prototyping tool to offer the best self-designing experience online.

4. The biggest ecosystem of more than 290 upcyclers with almost 3000 products constantly growing (thousands of upcycling companies around Europe).

5. Vibrant corporate community with +200 project delivered to businesses, event agencies, cities over past 3 years with more than 15 global companies like IKEA, Orange, T-mobile, SUEZ, Renewi, NN, Heineken, Unilever, Canon Europe, McDonald's as clients.

6. Currently launching business operations at Benelux countries with Netherlands as a starting point for international expansion. Having 2 offices in the Netherlands and Poland but can deliver products globally.

Why Invest?

If you're looking for a true impact investment company that provides a systematic solution for limiting waste and offering profitable and scalable business

Deko Eko is the perfect match for you!

  • We secured 50% of our current seed round and are planning A-round in 1 - 1.5 yrs time which will be a good exit strategy for current investors
  • Circularity is the new global trend that we foster and benefit
  • Companies tend to order more sustainable products and corporates gifts market is worth more than 1 billion EUR a year
  • Our target B2C group (LOHAS) is constantly growing constituting 20% of adult population in Europe (>50 million!)
  • We run on 30-50% profit margin, our revenues grew 5x comparing quarter I to quarter II in 2019
  • Our dynamic international team is Polish, Dutch and Italian with total of 50+ years of experience in Technology, Marketing, E-commerce, Design
  • We took part in the best acceleration programme - Startupbootcamp in Amsterdam 2018 where with a group of international mentors and experts we were working on scaling up our business concept

Key Achievements

  • Just signed TS with Simpact VC for EUR 250k at 2,5 mln EUR valuation
  • Part of Startupbootcamp accelerator program 2018 in Amsterdam
  • Completed +200 upcycling orders over last 3 years with global companies like McDonald's, IKEA, Unilever, NN, BNP Paribas, Heineken etc. as our clients
  • Strategic partnerships with the biggest recycling companies - SUEZ and Renewi who are helping us in lead generation
  • McDonald's and IKEA just signed up for a longterm cooperation introducing theirs upcycling products at our marketplace and becoming an Ambassador of platform via theirs communication channels
  • We have generated EUR 200k sales up to now mostly from multinational clients with plan to grow 10x over next 2 years
  • Deko Eko and CEO, was featured in Forbes as one of 6 best women-led startups around the globe, was finalists of TheNextWomen, European Women Challenge, Chivas Venture competitions

Use of Funds

Current seed round will help Deko Eko to roll-out international expansion with a starting point at Benelux (Netherlands mostly). Thanks to the investment we can grow on a fast pace:

1. A dynamic sales growth (from EUR 75k in 2018 to EUR 460k as of 2020 and over EUR 1 million in 2021),

2. Number of upcycling companies registering theirs accounts (today we have over 50 and plan to have 250 users on by the end of 2020) multinationals clients cooperating with our ecosystem via our marketplace.

3. We plan to build strong operations in Benelux countries to scale up our solutions to other European countries (UK, France, Scandinavian, Germany, Italy) and US markets

Leadership Team

Founder & CEO of the company, main expertise in marketing, brand strategy, circular economy

Agata Frankiewicz

Founder & CEO

CTO, co-founder, responsible for overseeing the technology system and security, main expertise in IT, security, RODO, managing teams

Marek Frankiewicz

CTO, co-founder

Chief architect and co-founder responsible for technology development, was building e-commerces & marketplaces for last 20 yrs

Julian Roux-Stevens

Chief architect and co-founder 

CFO, co-founder responsible for investment issues and financial managements, main expertise in startup founding, business development

Damian Szewczyk

CFO, co-founder

Business Development Manager, main expertise in lean management, sales and design

Boguslaw Podhalicz

Business Development Manager

Marketing Manager, 12 years of experience in digital marketing

Agata Miryn - Sienkiewicz

Marketing Manager

e-commerce specialist, scouting for designers

Gabriela Le Van

e-commerce specialist

New Business Manager, main expertise in sales, 10 yrs of experience in B2B sales

Maria Smajkiewicz

New Business Manager

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Eureeca is the first global equity crowdfunding platform. It enables members of its investor network, who range from casual and angel investors to institutional firms, to buy shares in growth-oriented businesses, while providing operational businesses with crucial access to capital.

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Eureeca is the first global equity crowdfunding platform. It enables members of its investor network, who range from casual and angel investors to institutional firms, to buy shares in growth-oriented businesses, while providing operational businesses with crucial access to capital. Eureeca is a multi-regulated platform, having received licensing from the UK Financial Conduct Authority and the Securities Commission Malaysia in 2015, and recently the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets. From its offices in London, Kuala Lumpur, and Amsterdam, Eureeca offers high-yield potential investment opportunities from the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia to its 20,000+ strong investor network. Businesses raising funds can leverage this network for capital, strategic connections, and expansion into new markets.

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