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Forget Followers. Find Friends.

Meet new people and find real friends. Join local groups, events and explore your city like never before.

You can own shares in ASKWHO from as little as $500
Exclusive benefits will be available to early adopters who pre-register their interest in investing


Our Why?

We believe local connectivity hasn’t seen any innovation since the dating apps burst onto the scene several years ago. We noticed a gap in the market for a truly social platform to help local like-minded people connect through common interests, not their relationship status.

Why local?

Although ASKWHO is available globally, firstly we wanted to tackle the issue at hand where we live, and boy is it working!

Why are we doing this?  

Nobody should feel alone when there is so much to do and thousands of like-minded people to go out and have a good time with.

Because we want people to feel connected to each other. We’re providing that supportive space where you can discover real like-minded people, make real friends for a day, for a night or for life and be more fulfilled by meeting up in real life.

It’s our city and our people let’s connect more, discover more, share more and be more, together.

Are you with us?

Key Achievements

Revenue growth of 60 x

Raised 1.5 Million USD from investors

In the Top 10 charts for social networking

Part of the UAE’s top accelerator program

Voted Best Arab World based Consumer Software Start up

The Team

Michael Askew

Matthew Gaziano



CEO – Visionary & Commercially driven Vast experience at managing million dollar budgets and large team’s. Mike’s passion, motivation and energy is an inspiration to all.

COO – Process driven and data orientated Matt’s a high performing analytical thinker, who is able to inspire and motivate teams towards a common goal.

Simon Bower

Marjan Petkovski

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Technology Officer

EX - Careem (Uber) Head of Digital Marketing with 13 years experience across Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

CTO - Senior Software Developer

EX - Microsoft with 15+ Years experience of scaling digital software business’s with several successful exits.

Key Features

News Feed


View groups


Interest groups

Tailored news feed based on the user's location and interests

Clean, intuitive UI

Well moderated, engaged groups

With over 95 interests' users can discuss niche topics

All interests are subgroups

Revenue Generating

Premium Accounts  

  • Profile Views
  • Unlimited Connections 
  • Grow the Community


  • Serving highly relevant content


  • Arranging events at our partners venues

The Opportunity

ASKWHO is the UAE’s leading platform that is designed to promote community. Its organised group format enables users to make friends with like-minded people so they can share, learn, gain knowledge and feel a better sense of belonging.

Users are invited to join highly engaged location-based groups that focus on interests such as fitness, outdoors, art, lifestyle, travel and wellness. This makes it easy for people to chat about things they care about, find people who share their passions and turn online friends into real ones.  

ASKWHO is a valuable resource for expats who have just moved to the region, or those who have been here for years and are looking for new friends or support. Plus, with the new trend for home and hybrid-working making it more difficult for many adults to make friends within the workplace, the service provided by the application is arguably more vital than ever.  


Proving the need for such an application within the region, ASKWHO’s key metrics are in line with Facebook, whilst surpassing LinkedIn, Reddit, Discord and Twitter. 

All of which are billion dollar companies.

Why should you invest in ASKWHO?

  • 3 Revenue streams already implemented and growing at 60X

  • Significant opportunity to invest before scaling internationally
  • ASKWHO's metrics are in line with the global leaders in the social media space including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Snapchat.

  • Experienced and passionate team who have worked with Microsoft, Clubhouse, Uber & Careem

1.2 Billion

United Kingdom

30% of the 56 Million User Target Market

Users in Our Primary Target Audience Globally

United States

67% of the 56 Million User Target Market

56 Million

United Arab Emirates

3% of the 56 Million User Target Market

Users across 3 targeted territories

Use of funds


Scale the current user base

Tech Stack

Continue to enhance the customer experience 

Business Development

Drive our B2B2C strategy for growth 


Recruit key employees to support the growth 

Pre-Register to invest

Fill in your details to pre-register for early access to our upcoming equity crowdfunding round. Please note: This is not a financial commitment at this stage.

[i] You can own shares in ASKWHO  from as little as $500

[ii] Exclusive benefits will be available to early adopterswho pre-register their interest in investing

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