Say Cheeze! Fancy some Nutty, Dairy free Artizzan Cheeze? Well now you can invest in it!

Our Artizzan handmade Nutty, Naughty and Deelish cheeze will blow your socks off! Tastes better than real Cheeze AND good for you too!

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Hey all YOU Conscious Eaters sprouting up everywhere…We are right at the beginning of this wave!

Get ready to ride that wave with us!

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A Dubai based company and first of its kind in the region, to create Artizzan Cheeze that is completely dairy, gluten and additive free. AND tastes better than cheese!

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What We Do

From Smoked “Cheddar” to Boursin style cream cheese, we specialize in creating the creamiest, the most delicious cheezes across the globe. Using popular local spices we have created 25 exotic types of cheeze that have never been created or experienced before.

We have already been internationally acclaimed for the unique varieties and heavenly taste of our cheezes, suitable for all palettes. Together we can take this global with our unique delicious and cruelty free offerings!   

Key Achievements
  • Have invested $65K since September 2016 to get the customer offering ‘right’
  • Customers trust their “wellbeing” with us
  • Established as the only Dairy Free Cheeze producer in UAE and in the region
  • Companies coming in from Europe to conduct research on our cheezes
  • Artizzan Cheeze being taken internationally to US, Canada, UK Sweden, Denmark, Istanbul, India and Australia
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Why Artizzan Cheeze?

A delectable dairy free offering that addresses the cheezey needs of all the Vegans, Vegetarians, Conscious Eaters and the Lactose Intolerant members of the population. When put together, this adds up to pretty much everybody!

With 65% of the world population being Lactose intolerant, Veganism rising consistently and generally Conscious Eaters sprouting up everywhere, we are at the beginning of this wave! Get ready to ride that wave with us!

Use of Funds

Set up an independent kitchen to ensure protection of Intellectual Property. As the process of making these cheezes is unique and created by the Founder

  • Kitchen to grow capacity towards meeting growing market demand
  • R&D to keep innovating the cheeze and related offerings
  • Grow and train the team to enhance operations
  • Distribution partnership for sales and Logistics
  • Working capital
The Team

Ahlaam Ali, Founder & Creator, Head Chef

Ahlaam Ali is a published Nutrition & Lifestyle Author and a Lifestyle Coach, based in the UAE and working internationally. Ali realized quite early on that there was a need in the market for a new genre of cheese that is dairy, gluten and preservative free. Due to various food intolerances that people suffer from as well as the vegan trend that is on the uptake, Ali is at the trail blazing front end of the health conscious vegan movement with her Artizzan cheeze concept.

Jabir Walji, Innovation & Strategy Consultant

Jabir Walji, an accomplished Innovation Practitioner and Strategist, has over 20 years’ experience in strategy formulation and execution. Jabir is also a “Disruptive Thinker” offering value as both a thought leader and an operational leader with broad experience working with senior executive teams / boards within blue chip companies like Shell UK.